Patricia Nieto began her professional career in marketing and sales, specializing in brand marketing and promotion strategies. Shortly thereafter, her creativity transcended and led her to immerse herself into directing and video production. She has the ability to balance creativity and brand management in a unique and edgy way. Patricia has an exceptionally professional approach to any project she takes on, always delivering what the client is looking for. She is a common sense junkie. So much so that her master's degree was funded by winning the Randy Lenz Foundation Common-Sense Scholarship Award. Patricia protects her clients like baby cubs and always has their best interest at heart. Fueled by passion, she runs a tight ship -- elevating and challenging the team to a new realm of customer relations.



There has always been something special about C-ROD -- aside from his multi-platinum sales, international hits, and Grammy nominations, he remains true to the art of studio production and the belief that music can set the soul free. Reaching international success as a songwriter as well as a producer, he has always brought a cutting-edge element into every production. C-ROD is currently signed to Sony ATV Publishing. His music and vision make every project unparalleled and embellished with a technicolor vibrancy. His hilarious multiple personalities give him the ability to make a room full of stressed out people laugh their heart out and forget their worries. If you have a pet, get ready...he adopts their character and speaks on their behalf.


Miami born and raised, Jacqueline is the hustler of the team. She is wise beyond her years and brings a fresh, positive approach to every project. She has been on set producing and coordinating for as long as she can remember, and a challenge always keeps her interested. Her attention to detail with brand management and product placement is impressively combined with her ability to multitask. Her level of energy and magnetic personality make her the social butterfly of the team who can talk her way into, and out of any situation. If it’s broken she’ll fix it…..(as long as she doesn’t have to put gas on the way there.)  



Anthony is LMH's interactive focus group. Constantly relating what truly inspires today's youth, he brings a fresh perspective and unique angle to the team.  At his young age, our aspiring Woody Allen has already worked on countless productions and has thus proven his keen eye. As the official representative of the Millennials, he has the ability to foresee what will keep the project current. Specializing in editing as well as color grading, this young and bizarre entrepreneur is a force to be reckoned with.



Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Eddie has a deep passion and keen eye for graphic design & paellas. Once you sit down with him, he will show you how to transform a general idea into a fine piece of branding and marketing. He believes there is no such thing as problems, only situations. His ability to innovate and his positive attitude manifest through his artwork resulting in incredibly unique and timeless designs. Eddie has also been crowned with the "Official Reader" title at our studios, as his delivery is dramatically precise.   


Dominique was raised in South Hampton, NY and Sarasota, FL. In 2010, she moved to Miami and was happy to find a city as crazy as her. Her marriage between social media and cooking resulted in her ever-growing online alias, @Consciously.vegan to share her creations. Dominique loves growing social media accounts with her secret tips (ask and she might share them). All in all, Dominique is Love Media House's Social Media Guru & Health Consultant. She will make your day with her kindness and may accidentally convert you into a vegan.  


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